Energy Efficiency Services

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Let Florida Roof & Solar Contractors of Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida help you reduce your monthly energy costs for amazing savings!

Our company offers a free electricity analysis for our clients. We are dedicated to helping you choose the best energy solutions for your budget and will provide an honest, no-obligation electricity analysis by examining your current energy bills. You will be amazed by how much you can save! Contact us today to start your energy savings success!

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1. Consultation
You will receive a full energy audit to identify problem areas in your home and bring together the best innovations in home energy efficiency to reduce your electricity consumption, or even eliminate your utility bill with solar panels.
2. Installation
Our list of satisified customers speaks for itself! You’ll work with an assigned project manager who will guide you through each step of your energy upgrades and keep you informed of the scheduling and progress of your project.
3. Financing
We don’t want you to pay any additional money out-of-pocket. Our team will explain your different financing options, help you calculate your federal solar tax credits, and find any possible rebates offered by your utility company.

Whether It’s Upgrading a Thermostat, Replacing Your Roof, or Installing Solar, We’ve Got You Covered.