Residential Solar Programs

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Today’s consumers want and expect options, including the type of energy powering their homes. Many homeowners are looking for a less expensive form of energy source. Some are looking for a green energy source. These two motives are why a lot of homeowners are exploring rooftop residential solar panels.
The interest in alternative energy sources is also being fueled by decreasing costs of rooftop solar, the availability of financial incentives and the proliferation of companies offering solar panel installation.

As attractive and popular as rooftop solar may appear, it is important to fully understand its true costs, the operational reality of this form of energy and actual energy savings. To determine whether rooftop solar is right for their particular situation, homeowners must undertake their due diligence.

Come to Us for Energy Advice

As your trusted energy and solar adviser, Florida Roof & Solar Contractors can offer a candid assessment of your specific situation. After all, we have a different “bottom line” that is not directly tied to the sale of a product or service but to show you how to live more comfortably and save money while doing so.

We constantly strive to find new ways to help you use energy more efficiently.

Is Rooftop Residential Solar Panels Right for You?

To help determine if rooftop residential solar panels are right for you, Florida Roof & Solar Contractors’ energy and solar consultants will analyze and look at:

  • The overall energy efficiency of the home
  • Age and pitch of the roof
  • The orientation of the sun in relation to the home
  • Tree coverage near the home
  • Weather patterns for the region

Unlike just a solar company that has one objective – to sell you only solar- we will look at the total energy picture and help you determine the best options for your home. While rooftop solar certainly works for millions of people, it’s not the answer for all.

Most importantly, our energy and solar consultants will provide a complete perspective on the total energy puzzle. Taking into account current energy consumption, the home “envelope”, age and efficiency of the HVAC system and home site.

When assessing solar options, it is an excellent time to examine other potential energy efficiency improvements for your home. For example, it may make sense to insulate the attic at the same time as installing solar or installing a new hybrid hot water heater.

We recognized that consumers in the greater Jacksonville, FL area are at an all-time high, and we stand by- ready- to help you determine your best options!


If you can afford your electric bill you can afford solar. Solar is actually revenue neutral; you’re already paying for it. We show you how to take back your money from the utility company and invest it back into your home!

Increase Home Value

The Laboratory of Lawrence Berkeley, funded by the Department of Energy, says that for every watt installed translates to a $3-$4 per watt increase in property value. A 10kw system = $30,000-$40,000!!

30% Federal Tax Credits

The Federal government is paying for 30% of your energy and solar package. Tax Credits will be reduced after 2019. Don’t wait until there are no incentives…!

Solar Monetizes The Sun

The sun is always going to produce enough energy for all your electrical needs and its better for the environment.

Raising Rates

Electricity is expensive enough, but you can be guaranteed that the cost will continue to rise more and more in the near future. Solar allows you to lock in your electricity rate so it doesn’t continue to rise. And when your solar is paid for you no longer have a solar payment or an electric bill. That’s thousands a year in savings!

Storing Solar Energy

It is great to have a solar panel system installed on your roof. Even better to store that energy to a backup battery for when power outages occur. Best when the battery powers your WHOLE HOUSE! PowerGrid batteries are the size of a storage cabinet in your garage, that stores the energy you produce for back-up power during outages and allows you to not buy back power at night. We have a critical load and whole-house batteries that don’t take any maintenance or extra gas/fuel to maintain. Less stress and worry during those times of much-needed comfort!

Best Solar Financing

Your solar system needs to have the best financing options available to actually save you money! USA Energy Savings Program will show you how.

Best Solar Warranties

We carry an INSURED 30 YEAR WARRANTY on your panel install! You are well protected with Florida Roof & Solar Contractors.