We have worked with everyone. If you can afford your electric bill you can afford solar. When it comes to implementing a solar panel installation to your home, it is actually revenue neutral, you’re already paying for it. We show you how to take back your money from the utility company and invest it back into your home!

We have worked on every size job from sheds to large commercial.

Warranty Coverage?

We carry a 25 YEAR WARRANTY on your solar panel installation!
You are well protected with Florida Roof and Solar Contractors Inc.

We carry a 25-year warranty on your entire panel install to include the roof penetration for leaks, performance, product, nuts, bolts, wires, everything.

Make sure you are getting the best warranties and financing. Our solar panel installation comes with a 30-year production warranty and a 12-year product warranty from the manufacturer as a standard.

We use only the best in the industry for our inverters, panels, and rail systems. We use Tier 1 panels. And only North American made products. We wouldn’t be able to cover your systems for 25 years without knowing they will last for at least that, panels last 35-40+ years!

Financing Options?

Your solar system needs to have the best financing options available to actually save you money! FLRSC will show you how with rates between 0% and 4.99%.

Battery Systems Back-Up Power

We have a WHOLE HOUSE battery system and storage to not only keep the power on in outages but allows you to become a micro-grid to not purchase power again. You become self-sufficient.